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Andrew Plattner Reading & Signing!

Andy Plattner’s coming to Dunwoody, September 26th at 11:30, NB 2100, for a reading and signing. Don’t miss it!
Update: Click here for the podcast.
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TCR Guest Author Kimberly Brock wins Georgia Author of the Year Award!

A hearty congrats to the kind and lovely Kimberly Brock, Winner of the 2013 Georgia Author of the Year Award for her debut novel, The River Witch! Like  [read more]

Lynn Cullen, Ann Hite, Amanda Kyle Williams Reading & Signing!

Author Podcast: Lynn Cullen, Ann Hite, & Amanda Kyle Williams  (click  [read more]

Author Podcast: Townsend Finalist and Guest Author Daniel Black

Daniel Black Podcast (click to play audio)

  [read more]

Townsend Finalist Daniel Black reading and signing!

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Dr. Lawrence P. Jackson reading and signing My Father's Name, January 22, 11:30, NC 1100 Dunwoody

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Kimberly Brock's The River Witch on Halloween, 1:00, NC 1240 Dunwoody

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Thomas Mullen, Townsend Prize Winner for The Many Deaths of the Firefly Brothers, September 27th, 11:30, GPC Dunwoody NB 2100

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