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Contributor Spotlight: James Gallant

“Ferranti and Sivori,” a dark and musical telling, appears in our new Spring issue. Author James Gallant agreed to share more about the story and his writing with  [read more]

A Glimpse of 36.1

John Brandon’s gorgeous prose is just the kind we love to share, so please don’t miss “The Present Next” in our Spring issue, previewed here:
Our readers will  [read more]

TCR Guest Author Series Welcomes T. Geronimo Johnson to Perimeter College

The Chattahoochee Review Guest Author Series is pleased to welcome T. Geronimo Johnson, winner of the 2015 Ernest J. Gaines Award for Literary Excellence to Georgia  [read more]

Novelist Joshilyn Jackson Presents Keynote Address at the 2016 Georgia Women's Conference

The Chattahoochee Review is pleased to sponsor the appearance of New York Times bestselling author and Perimeter College alumna Joshilyn Jackson as the keynote speaker for the [read more]

2016 Lamar York Prize Winners and Finalists

Reading Lamar York entries is often uplifting because many contain quirks and traces of what we’re after when we read. Our editors and faculty readers voted multiples times in honor  [read more]

Pizza & Planning, Intern Ed.

Former interns come together to talk future study and work plans. We’ll continue sharing their successes here and on Twitter. If you’re a former intern with news to  [read more]

Marylee MacDonald Podcast

Marylee MacDonald with luminous lessons in structure and other writing matters for TCR‘s Guest Author Series. Click here to play the podcast.

2016 Townsend Prize Finalists

The Chattahoochee Review and the Georgia Center for the Book are proud to announce the 2016 Townsend Prize for Fiction finalists:

Reading Resolutions, by David James Poissant

With fast-paced storytelling and dry wit, David James Poissant provides that rare combination of voyeuristic fodder and characters plucked from the neighborhood in his debut collection, The Heaven of Animals[read more]

Research and "The Rocks"

2015 Lamar York Prize Winner Amy D. Clark on research and the writing process.
I am eternally nostalgic about my childhood. I grew up among storytellers; I knew  [read more]

“Brother's Keeper”: Writing, Editing, and Blood in the Sink

2015 Lamar York Prize Winner Joel Wayne on revision and the writing process.
When I was younger, I didn’t like revisions. You hear it enough times from older writers –  [read more]

The Poet Burns Her Bridges: Priscilla Long’s Crossing Over: Poems

A review by Rosemary D. Cox.
Crossing Over: Poems. Priscilla Long. U of New Mexico P. Albuquerque. 2015, 80 pp. $17.95  [read more]

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