2017 Lamar York Prize Winners and Finalists

Each year, we gain respect for the responsibility of reading prize entries. We receive creative work in a creative spirit. To all of the writers who submitted, wherever they find themselves on the continuum of skill and confidence, please know that your work was carefully considered, appreciated, and wished well.

We’re grateful to Patrick Ryan in fiction and Jill Talbot in nonfiction for not only their expertise but also their generosity of spirit and professionalism. If you want to support valuable members of the literary community and appreciate great writing, we recommend Ryan’s The Dream Life of Astronauts and Talbot’s The Way We Weren’t: A Memoir.

Thank you again to all entrants for the honor of considering your work.


2017 Lamar York Prize Winners and Finalists


Winner in Fiction
“Papijack,” Carol LaHines
Winner in Nonfiction
“First Visit,” Vince Granata

Finalists in Fiction
“Blue the Dog,” Alan Michael Parker
“Empty Barn,” Patrick Parks
“Love in the Age of Porn,” Jon Fried
“On Saturday,” Mark Lindensmith
“Remainders,” Cady Vishniac
“Rocks, July 1994,” Mark Dostert
“Snow Monkeys,” John Blair
“Two Shots at Tarzan,” Ramona Reeves
“Winter,” Carol Ascher

Finalists in Nonfiction
“Eulogy for Nonsense,” Martha Polk
“The Great Meal,” Jung Hae Chae
“Head in the Clouds,” Benjamin Shalva
“Magic of the Gun,” Amelia Saint
“Mamaw,” Anya Liftig
“Online Dating: Or, Dispatches Posted the Year I Had to Move Home,” Jen Ferguson
“Payaso,” Emry McAlear
“With or Without Auntie,” Natasha Sajé