2019 Lamar York Prize Winners and Finalists

We’re grateful for the extraordinary voices and visions in this year’s Lamar York Prize entries. Thank you to all of the writers who entered, with a special thanks to our judges, Adriana Páramo for Nonfiction and Kevin Wilson for Fiction.

Winner for Fiction

“A Box of Photographs,” Peter Newall

“A Box of Photographs” is a story that carries a heavy emotional weight with such a controlled, precise style. The language here is beautiful, and I was struck by the complexity of the narrative, an ending that felt so perfectly earned that it took my breath away. It’s a wondrous story.
Kevin Wilson

Winner for Nonfiction

“The Black Place,” Whitney Lawson

“The Black Place” is an eloquent and poignant essay. Those of us who have gone on the heartbreaking journey of having a sick parent while battling our own demons have struggled to find the right words to convey our experience. The author’s courageous and unflinching account lets us know.
Adriana Páramo

Finalists for Fiction
“The Intruder,” Alex Berge
“Three Ghosts,” Charles Booth
“Women’s Work,” Emma Burcart
“Outside,” D. R. Glass
“Goat-Song,” Lois Melina
“The T-Pin,” Kalpana Negi
“Forgiving Abba,” Anie Onaiza
“Mark,” Caitlin O’Neil
“My Mother and the Kamikaze,” Rosanna Staffa

Finalists for Nonfiction
“The Marker of Ourselves: Notes from a Secretary,” Henri Bensussen
“Bugginess,” Brooke Champagne
“Single Parent,” Robert Daseler
“Under Heaven,” Kathryn Hunt
“Do You Like to Hurt?” Dionne Irving
“Horror Vacui,” Evan Senie
“Stone,” Elsa Valmidiano
“Advent,” Julie Marie Wade