Internship Program

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Intern Fire

Name: DeShane Edwards 

Age: 31; easily I can look 13; you  [read more]

Intern Intrigue

Cheers to our newest and fabulous intern!
Name: Fariha Hossain
Age: 20, but my wire-rimmed glasses whisper, “Granny,” while my singing, light-up toothbrush giggles, “Baby”
Major: English and Philosophy (the  [read more]

<<<< Intern >>>>

Name: Jesus Hernandez
Age: 18
Major: Journalism
Favorite Hooch piece:“Notes From a Professional Pencil Wench,” by Rachel Toliver (37.1). I thoroughly enjoyed Toliver’s satirical approach at criticizing standardized testing.
Least  [read more]

Intern Attention!

Name: Delisa Moniz
Age: 24….”the golden years”
Major: English
Favorite Hooch piece: Nandini Dhar’s “Birthing Twins In a Government Hospital, Kolkata, 1977,” is my favorite piece. It’s such  [read more]

Intern Extraordinaire

It’s about time to introduce one of our longtime interns!
Name: Nilah DeLetto
Age: 21, but I took a BuzzFeed quiz once and it said I was in my mid-30s.
  [read more]

Intern Selfies!

Name: Naya Clark
Age: 20
Major: Journalism
Favorite Hooch piece: So far, “The Present Next,” by John Brandon, and “Trip,” by Audrey Spensley. That’s just so far, but they’re  [read more]

Hooch Intern Wins Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation annually awards scholarships to students attending community colleges or two-year institutions in the US and planning to transfer to four-year institutions in the  [read more]

Intern Brag

Last year, Justin Beaudrot was awarded the GSU Perimeter College Celebration of Excellence Student Award in English, the Rosemary Cox Prize for Poetry from Creative License, an award for being Homecoming King,  [read more]

Pizza & Planning, Intern Ed.

Former interns come together to talk future study and work plans. We’ll continue sharing their successes here and on Twitter. If you’re a former intern with news to  [read more]

intern alia!

Every semester we mentor interns, working closely with them in an effort to provide an unmatched learning opportunity for GPC students. The marvelous Justin Beaudrot makes another appearance,  [read more]

Hooch intern now a New York Times intern

Big congrats to Farhin Lilywala, longtime Hooch intern, for her upcoming internship at the New York Times! We’ll miss you, Farhin!

Spring Intern FYI!

Lucky us! Introducing our firecracker Spring interns!


Name: Justin Beaudrot

Major: English

Guilty pleasure: Binge-watching episodes of Game of Thrones.

Favorite  [read more]

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