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Inspiration from Kristine Ong Muslim

We adore Kristine Ong Muslim’s translations of Marlon Hacla’s poems in Volume 40.1. Sample one of her translations here, and for a glimpse into her inspiration,  [read more]

Contributor Reads

It’s 2015, just weeks after the historic Supreme Court marriage equality ruling, and all Sebastian Mote wants  [read more]

Inspiration from Komal Mathew

Volume 40.1 features three poems by Komal Mathew, found here. We asked Mathew to share the inspiration behind these  [read more]

Contributor Reads, COVID-19 Edition

We asked contributor Sari Fordham from our new issue, Volume 40.1, to share thoughts on writing and life in quarantine. Read her essay “The Mountain Lions of  [read more]

What inspires you? COVID-19 Edition

We asked poet Ruth Bardon from our forthcoming issue for a take on inspiration during the coronavirus pandemic. Read  [read more]

Contributor Reads, COVID-19

William Fargason, whose poem “Sieve” appears in Volume 36.2-3, has a debut book of poems, Love Song to the Demon-Possessed  [read more]

Contributor Reads

Map to the Stars, the fourth poetry collection from National Book Award and Pulitzer  [read more]

Adopt The Chattahoochee Review

Why join our Classroom Adoption Program?

  • Students and instructors become first scholars on new work
  • Special-focus issues pair with research themes
  • Online access  [read more]

Contributor Reads

The poems in Janelle Adsit’s Unremitting Entrance take root in and spring from  [read more]

Inspiration from Julie Marie Wade


I wrote “Advent” in autumn 2018 while  [read more]

Contributor Reads

My Mountain Country

Ye Lijun’s My Mountain Country, translated from  [read more]

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