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Contributor Reads

Houses Fly Away

  [read more]

Contributor Reads

Enjoy their work in the Lost & Found issue, and seek out their full-length collections:
From Christian Anton Gerard, Holdfast
[read more]

Inspiration from Richard Dokey


A Japanese writer, whose name I cannot recall, killed himself. He left a note. The note said, “I did this because I could no longer stand  [read more]

Contributor Reads

More books by contributors from our current issue, 38.1!
From Jessica Cuello, Hunt:
Winner of The Washington Prize.
Jessica Cuello’s Hunt is a  [read more]

Contributor Success

Billy O’Callaghan, whose story “The Boatman” appears in our most recent special-focus issue, Off the Record, released his popular novel The Dead House in May. From the publisher:

Perched  [read more]

Contributor Success

Stephanie Powell Watts‘s story “Money in My Hand” appears in Volume 34.1 and in our Archived Features. Now available, a summer must-read, her debut novel, No One  [read more]

Contributor Success

Alexander Weinstein‘s stories have appeared in both Volume 34.1 and Volume 36.1 of The Chattahoochee Review. His debut collection, Children of the New World, was named one of  [read more]

Viewed from Space, All Things are Beautiful: Patrick Ryan’s The Dream Life of Astronauts

A review by Ginger Eager
The Dream Life of Astronauts. Patrick Ryan. The Dial Press. 2016. 272 pp. $26.00 (hardback).
Patrick Ryan’s new collection, The Dream Life of  [read more]

Contributor Spotlight

Contributing editor Theodore Worozbyt’s books are The Dauber Wings (Dream Horse Press, 2006); Letters of Transit, winner of the Juniper Prize (The University of Massachusetts Press, 2008);  [read more]

Reading Resolutions, by David James Poissant

With fast-paced storytelling and dry wit, David James Poissant provides that rare combination of voyeuristic fodder and characters plucked from the neighborhood in his debut collection, The Heaven of Animals[read more]

The Poet Burns Her Bridges: Priscilla Long’s Crossing Over: Poems

A review by Rosemary D. Cox.
Crossing Over: Poems. Priscilla Long. U of New Mexico P. Albuquerque. 2015, 80 pp. $17.95  [read more]

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