Classroom Adoption Program

Last September, TCR continued its Classroom Adoption Program by joining CLMP’s Lit Mag Adoption Program to offer more students the best value around for a literary journal in the classroom. By giving students access to goings-on in the literary community years before they accumulate and appear as books, instructors have been giving students the opportunity to become the first scholars on new work from emerging and established authors, and students have begun conversations where there were none before, contributing new ideas about literature conversant in contemporary interests. Find out why creative writing, literature, and composition classrooms around the country have adopted The Chattahoochee Review. Limited slots available, so visit CLMP for info, or email to reserve copies of the Migration issue or discuss options. This year, we are offering online access to full issues; simply query to find out more.

Special thanks goes to many on our masthead of faculty editors for taking advantage of this fantastic classroom resource for GPC students.