Contributor Reads

More books by contributors from our current issue, 38.1!

From Jessica Cuello, Hunt:

Winner of The Washington Prize.

Jessica Cuello’s Hunt is a modern poetic day retelling of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. What’s particularly interesting is that Moby Dick, a male dominated work, is revisioned through a feminine point of view.

“What Jessica Cuello knows could save us from ourselves. Fear is instructive, yes, but we’ve learned poorly, devastatingly, from its churnings. It doesn’t have to lead to the destruction of that which we fear; instead, we must allow it to draw us to each other, we must feel its deep call and heed its warnings. We need each other, fear says. Cuello transcribes this fear into a lyric sweep of nimble power and stunning insight. Hunt is a lasting and crucial collection.” —Katie Ford, author of Blood Lyrics


From Lucas Southworth, Everyone Here Has a Gun:

Winner of the Grace Paley Prize in Short Fiction.

In a tightrope act of darkness and humor, fantasy and reality, the twelve stories in this award-winning collection describe characters searching for comfort and stability in a world that is ultimately too vast, violent, and incomprehensible. As they revert to what seems most simple and familiar—public transportation, television, museums, fairy tales—they discover only murder, displacement, fragmentation, and obsession.

Everyone Here Has a Gun took me on a roller coaster ride that I’d never been on before. . . . Every piece is strikingly different, and yet there’s also a cohesion to the collection that plunged me deeply into this writer’s alien yet weirdly familiar world, as if I’d been dreaming someone else’s dream. There are images and moments in each of these stories that have lodged into my brain like shrapnel. A truly unique and memorable reading experience.”—Dan Chaon, Grace Paley Prize judge and author of Stay Awake and Await Your Reply