Contributor Reads

Houses Fly Away

“What a surprising and exciting debut this is! Leigh Anne Couch’s poems are a completely natural amalgam of the ordinary and the fantastical, as if our own zone of consciousness were repeatedly pierced by another, resulting in a kind of dual perception that’s both weird and completely logical. Thus the world in which these poems form and flower is stranger and more dangerous than our own familiar one, but also more winged and beautiful.”

—Chase Twichell

Pilgrimage Suites

“A severely crafted tapestry invites us to ‘lie down on the wings of swifts wheeling’ over the rich and varied vocabulary of English. An airier form of pilgrimage than the traditional ‘walking waking,’ but all the same a pilgrimage: through language—and to language, which endures through its very changes whereas, as the epigraph tells us, ‘Him as was has gone from we.’ Derek Gromadzki travels its distance.”

—Rosmarie Waldrop

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