Day of the Border Guards

TCR contributor Katherine E. Young’s stellar new book:

Happy endings look like this:
onions regilded, relics restored,
the pathway to Hell recartooned
on the wall. Even the tongues of the bells—
newly hung—whisper, Redemption.
From “Zagorsk”

“Katherine E. Young’s Day of the Border Guards is very much about crossing borders—those between reality and, in this case, Russia. Which is to say she offers us a Russia of direct experience and the transformed country of the imagination. Her text is dense with marvelous detail, dramatic intensity, and intentions that are unmistakable in their insight and judgment. Young chooses to represent both herself and the voices of various personae, sometimes, in fact, as one blended voice: hers and Akhmatova, hers and Mandelstam.”
—Stanley Plumly, author of Orphan Hours: Poems


Katherine E. Young is an award-winning translator of Russian poetry as well as the author of two chapbooks of original poetry. Read more about Day of the Border Guards and “what it means to be a poet of witness” at UA Press.