Fall intern introductions!

Every semester we mentor interns, working closely with them in an effort to provide an unmatched learning opportunity for GPC students. Justin Beaudrot is back for another semester, and we have two new faces! Meet this fall’s interns!


Name: Andrew J. Garner

Age: 24

Major: English and Journalism

Favorite Hooch piece: “Sab,” by Ann Pancake from the Animal issue. Her unique voice and cadence are so evident from the first few lines. I love the style and Southern content.

Least favorite celebrity: Anna Kendrick because she never replies to my love letters.

Hobbies: Reading, watching sports, taking care of my two Siberian Huskies.


Name: Farhin Lilywala

Age: 19

Major: Journalism

Favorite Hooch piece: My favorite piece would probably be David Bajo’s “Snake Life” from the Animal issue. Bajo does a wonderful job of keeping readers in anticipation. I love the imagery and details Bajo uses. The readers are taken on a journey beautifully.

Least Favorite Celebrity: My least favorite celebrity would probably be Kris Jenner. I know I don’t know her, and her children seem to love her, most of the time. However, she seems like one of those moms who is just trying too hard, like Regina George’s mom from Mean Girls, except Regina’s mom didn’t call in a network to make a reality show about her family. She also seems like she gives more attention to Kim K. than to her other children. Again, producers show us what they want to show us.

Hobbies: My hobbies include dancing, writing, watching Netflix (or TV in general), and exploring new places and ideas. I love learning, and I love it when people or places expose me to things I didn’t know before.


Talented, hard-working, and loyal—our interns are loved! 



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