intern alia!

Every semester we mentor interns, working closely with them in an effort to provide an unmatched learning opportunity for GPC students. The marvelous Justin Beaudrot makes another appearance, and two stellar students have started their own legacies with the Hooch. Here’s more about this fall’s interns.



Name: Alyssa J. Douglas        

Age: 25

Major: Journalism

Favorite Hooch piece: “Relay Operator,” by Katherine Conner, from the Spring 2015 issue. I enjoy the suspense in the overall plot. The story is told from the perspective of a woman carrying a combination of guilt, shame, and apathy. It keeps readers guessing, which I love. There is so much imagery that adds to the suspense. Definitely my favorite!

Least favorite celebrity: Raven Symone. Hard to respect someone who denies their own culture or who they are all together.

Hobbies: I’m a very talented day dreamer; I love to read good story; vodka+ friends are my stress medication; and I thank God for every word I write because writing is my peace on earth.



Name: Ann Marie Hormeku

Age: 30 (don’t tell anyone)

Major: English

Favorite Hooch piece: Jesse Donaldson’s “The Renters” from the Spring 2015 issue. I love the little game the characters play and what it says about them. It reminds me of the little games I play with my husband and makes me miss him. It’s the kind of story that makes you put the book down and evaluate your life. It’s beautiful!

Least favorite celebrity: Amy Schumer, because I think the whole “smart women pretending to be idiots” thing is counterproductive.

Hobbies: What hobbies? I’m busy!


TCR interns are exemplars at the college and at the magazine. We appreciate their contributions!