Intern Attention!

Name: Delisa Moniz

Age: 24….”the golden years”

Major: English

Favorite Hooch piece: Nandini Dhar’s “Birthing Twins In a Government Hospital, Kolkata, 1977,” is my favorite piece. It’s such an intense poem that gives me all the feels. I also enjoyed “Book of Years,” by Doug Ramspeck. Both poems are from Volume 36.1.

Least favorite celebrity: Katy Perry

When not interning at the Hooch: Normally, I am working, writing novels, exploring the world, filling my bookshelf/tablet with the works of Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Jane Austen, Chuck Palahniuk, or binging Netflix with my friends and family.

Name: Dominic Scales

Age: 28

Major: Journalism

Favorite Hooch piece: “A Fire Story,” by Alexander Ferrell, in Volume 34.1, is my favorite piece. It is unconventional in format, at least to what I’m used to seeing, and I like when I’m shown different forms of artistry.

Least favorite celebrity: President Trump

When not interning at the Hooch: I am usually writing for my online fan-fiction profile. I also write poems, short stories, screenplays, and novels. I attend different spoken word events and a lot of stand-up comedy shows with friends downtown. My absolute favorite thing to do is laugh, so more than likely if you see me that’s what I will be doing.

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