Intern Extraordinaire

It’s about time to introduce one of our longtime interns!

Name: Nilah DeLetto

Age: 21, but I took a BuzzFeed quiz once and it said I was in my mid-30s.

Major: English

Favorite Hooch piece: “Eulogy for Nonsense” by Martha Polk (37.1) is my favorite essay, but I also really enjoy Jim Ringley’s “Another Small Repair” and T. Geronimo Johnson’s “Literature, Literary, and Light: A Constellation of Noble Appointments.”

Least favorite celebrity: Kanye West

When not interning at the Hooch: I’m typically working with children, coming up with content for my stories and poems, buying loads of books I can’t afford nor have the room for, somewhere singing karaoke with friends, or making up puns that are so terribly good that everyone either cringes or shouts in unabashed approval.

If you are a Georgia State University Perimeter College student and wish to learn more about the world of literary publishing by becoming an intern, please send an email to from your student account. Every semester we mentor interns, working closely with them in an effort to provide an unmatched learning opportunity for students.