Intern Fire

Name: DeShane Edwards 

Age: 31; easily I can look 13; you know the saying, “Black don’t crack.” Yelp that’s me.

Major: Sign language interpreting

Favorite Hooch piece from 38.1: “Concerning How the Mind Desires A Shape” by Jeff Hardin to Amy Glynn

Least favorite celebrity: Floyd Mayweather

When I’m not interning at the Hooch: I’m excitingly practicing and teaching sign language, mentoring a group of 3rd and 5th grade girls, or just relaxing with a pint of vanilla butter pecan ice cream.

Name: B-e-y-o-n-c-e . . . just kidding, my name’s Nethra Rammohan.

Age: 20 

Major: business administration 

Favorite Hooch Piece(s): “Deer” by John Hart, “The Decade” by Sophia Stid, and Jeanine Walker’s “Roger Joins In And We Are Pleased.” I love poetry! 

Least Favorite Celebrity: Lord Voldemort . . . sorry, sorry, I mean, “He who must not be named.” Phew.  

When Not Interning At The Hooch: I love baking, online shopping, taking photos and nice, long naps. 

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