Intern Intrigue

Cheers to our newest and fabulous intern!

Name: Fariha Hossain

Age: 20, but my wire-rimmed glasses whisper, “Granny,” while my singing, light-up toothbrush giggles, “Baby”

Major: English and Philosophy (the most pretentious combination imaginable)

Favorite Hooch piece from the Lost & Found issue: “Late November, from A Window Overlooking Pitch Pines” by Lindsay Stuart Hill

Least favorite celebrity: Rupi Kaur

When not interning at the Hooch: Obsessively researching the Tamam Shud case, engaging in dramatic soliloquys, doggy-earing thick books, and proclaiming my everlasting love for my parents (and cats)

If you are a Georgia State University Perimeter College student and wish to learn more about the world of literary publishing by becoming an intern, please send an email to from your student account. Every semester we mentor interns, working closely with them in an effort to provide an unmatched learning opportunity for students.