Intern Selfies!


Name: Naya Clark

Age: 20

Major: Journalism

Favorite Hooch piece: So far, “The Present Next,” by John Brandon, and “Trip,” by Audrey Spensley. That’s just so far, but they’re all beautiful and compelling reads.

Least favorite celebrity: A tie between Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner

When not interning at the Hooch: I’m writing, stressing about writing, reading, or practicing yoga.



Name: Shannon Sibblis

Age: 20, for the next month 🙂

Major: English

Favorite Hooch piece: “Y’all’s Problem” (36.1) is my absolute favorite essay, although the poems “Petco” and “Dog Shit” also hold a special place in my heart.

Least favorite celebrity: Ronald McDonald

When not interning at the Hooch: You can find me doing touristy things in Atlanta, hiking Kennesaw Mountain with my Yorkie Princess, and spending all of my money on strange or exotic foods.