Introducing the interns!

Every semester we mentor interns, working closely with them in an effort to provide an unmatched learning opportunity for GPC students. Meet this summer’s interns!



Name: Justin Beaudrot

Age: 26

Major: Journalism/Professional Writing

Favorite Hooch piece: “The Dancing Bee” (forthcoming in the Skin issue). I have enjoyed most Hooch pieces I’ve read, so it would simply be too difficult to discern a solid favorite.

Least favorite celebrity: Robin Thicke

When not interning at the Hooch: I am often busy working away at school assignments and extracurricular activities, such as The Collegian, The History and Politics Club, or volunteering. I definitely enjoy taking photos in my free time, whether they be of wonderful gardens across the state, like the Atlanta Botanical Gardens or Gibbs Gardens, or candid photos with my friends.



Name: Joe Sadler

Age: 22

Major: Computer Science

Favorite Hooch piece: “Snake Life” (from the Animal issue)

Least favorite celebrity: Lamar Odom

Hobbies: chess, basketball, woodworking, kayaking


Three cheers for Justin and Joe—best in the biz!