Volume 39.1

Poems: Jeanette Beebe, Elena Karina Byrne, Kevin Cantwell, Leigh Anne Couch, Anthony DiPietro, Jonathan Dubow, João Luís Barreto Guimarães, translated from the Portuguese by Calvin Olsen, J. M. Jordan, David O’Connell, Alexis Orgera, Emily Schulten, Katherine Smith, & Duo Yu, translated from the Chinese by Fiona Sze-Lorrain

2019 Lamar York Prize Winners: Whitney Lawson in Nonfiction & Peter Justin Newall in Fiction

Stories: Yasser S. Bashiry, translated from the Arabic by Essam M. Al-Jassim, Emma Burcart, Jonathan Durbin, Derek Gromadzki, Denton Loving, Amy Stuber, & John Van Kirk

Essays: Andrew Bertaina, Mary Brindley, & Brooke Champagne

Reviews: Robin Antepara, Stacey Balkun, Gregory Emilio, & Jacqueline Kolosov

Art: Sua Han

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