Off the Record issue coming in Dec!

And sure to inspire your own musings, your own investigations about records undiscovered or unrecoverable . . . or not yet written, or not yet imagined. We found the gutsiest, most thoughtful, wildest, angriest, silliest, vacantly shocking, so shocking as to imply an almost-imperative at times: not within political issues, where we begin within cozy paradigms, but beneath societal structures, beneath even story, until story itself begins to loosen, until it can’t go on record as story. “Off the Record”┬áis our Fall/Winter double issue and our finest yet. Featuring art by Lucy Julia Hale, the issue will ship in December, and we can’t wait to get it into your hands. To open up a dialogue and keep the conversation going is perhaps the most important advocacy we can bring to Southern writers, the same advocacy that we bring to global writers. We hope you’ll subscribe this year and support our mission of “Exporting the South, Importing the World.”

Looking ahead, and, as many of you are fine writers yourselves, our Lamar York Prizes Open November 1, and an $18 entry fee includes a one-year subscription; our editor along with at least one other reader reads every submission before sending finalists to our illustrious judges. This year, Patrick Ryan and Jill Talbot are judging. More coming soon!

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